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Industrial parts washing machine

Metal parts washer, parts washer, industrial parts washer, automatic parts washer, industrial parts washing machine. Increasing demands for cleaning of mechanical components require a technology of metal parts washers that feature the state-of-the-art, flexible engineering solutions with great attention to energy saving policies. The aqueous washing machine range, fully customizable to the requirements of industrial […]

What drives a company to choose chlorinated solvent cleaning systems

Chlorinated solvents are defined as compounds which derive from aliphatic or cyclic hydrocarbons and which contain one or more chlorine atoms instead of hydrogen ones. For metal cleaning applications trichlorethylene and perchlorethylene are widely used .. > take a look at our tips on how to use perchlorethylene safely Characteristics and properties of chlorinated solvents […]

Introduction to Metal Cleaning

Metal cleaning is a process in which soil is cleaned from a metal surface by either a hot or cold cleaning method, closed circuit vapor degreasing or conveyorized degreasing. Industrial products should be free from all sorts of impurities. Machining the metal requires various lubricants to be applied to the tooling equipment; hence, various chemicals […]