Automation, environmental impact and cleaning power in the market of industrial washing systems for metal components

In recent years the role and importance of automation and the use of specialized softwares in the design and construction of machines for washing industrial components has grown steadily.

The need to protect our planet as well as to optimize the use of resources has pushed all industrial companies to invest in research and development of technologies for monitoring and improving washing efficiency.

Today, thanks to the combination of advanced automation systems, latest generation technologies and latest generation filtering systems, it is possible to control the washing phases and the most critical areas of the process, by optimizing the use of water, air and chemical solvents.

Thanks to specialized softwares , it is now possible to monitor specific parts of the systems, track machine operating times, possible failures and functions for the entire duration of the washing cycle in order to reduce the environmental impact.


Less emissions, less costs and more accuracy: the results of Firbimatic industrial metal cleaning systems

Thanks to the expertise of its modern Research and Development department, Firbimatic has succeeded in designing and manufacturing machines for washing metal components able to reduce emissions, cut costs for each washing cycle and ensure impeccable final cleaning.

Firbimatic has designed and built washing systems that use water and solvent technologies perfectly in line with the needs of the market and with the reference legislation.

The Masterwash line is the spearhead of water and solvent technology: versatile and fully ecological, this machine filters water at the end of each washing cycle by purifying it from residual contaminants.

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The decision to invest in the construction of systems based on closed-circuit industrial processes has allowed Firbimatic to offer machines that exploit solvents such as Perchlorethylene in a totally safe and hermetic way that other manufacturers, due to lack of adequate technology, have been forced to stop.

From the co-operation with SAFECHEM and with other suppliers of primary importance, chlorinated solvent washing systems with completely hermetic washing cycles have been created.

Systems which use super stabilized perchlorethylene and where maximum safety for operators and the environment are possible thanks to modern temperature, pressure and various device control systems.

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