MEC-SPE 2018: The Manufacturing Industry Fair, Parma 22-24 Marzo

Also this year at Pavilion 2, stand J 04, it was possible to discover innovative products and the Firbimatic Metal Cleaning’s washing systems.


The washing system, Evolution 200, has been exposed. It is considered the Firbimatic’s flagship model providing precision parts cleaning through washing and dryings cycles in a vacuum-sealed chamber.

Evolution 200 uses hydrocarbons or modified alcohols and thanks to its hermetic operation under vacuum it assures the best results in terms of cleaning quality on complex surfaces, inside cavities and blind  holes.

The pre-degassing phase of the solvent facilitates the absence of air bubbles and therefore the penetration and homogeneity of the washing.

The drying phase takes place with vacuum at approx. 1 mBar: the pieces come out without any solvent residue that could contaminate the working environment.

The Evolution 200 can remove up to 100 liters of oil daily on the parts to be degreased. The recovered oils can eventually be reused.

The management of filter cleaning, of the basket loading-unloading and of the residual distillation drains, take place automatically without exposure of the operator to residual emissions.

Solvent consumption:

Solvent consumption is a few grams per cycle, when the following operating conditions are strictly observed:

  • correct selection of the treatment program
  • Proper management of solvent distillation
  • Regular maintenance and cleaning, as per the instruction manual

The Evolution can be connected for remote assistance via the Internet and has the basic requirements of INDUSTRY 4.0

Our Washing Solutions are:

  • Widely tested and consolidated
  • Technically excellent

The advantages of Firbimatic’s washing systems are:

  • The most competent choice based on long-standing experience
  • Perfect washing even in the most demanding conditions
  • High drying speed – no residues
  • Safe washing products
  • Low surface tension
  • Versatility
  • Easy to recover by distillation
  • Cost-effective energy efficiency