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Modified Alcohol : The technical development moves forward

It goes on successfully  the technological development of Multisolvent series, Evolution and SFK machine range, all safely operating modified alcohol solvents. Even recently some important turning factories and machining companies in the North and Central Italy through our.authorized distributor Dollmar Meccanica  have acquired a number of   advanced design operating degreasing machine  modified alcohol operated. Modified […]

Trichlorethylene, only few weeks away from sunset

Only a few days from the date of April 21, 2016 when, according to the REACH Regulation will no longer be possible to use Trichloroethylene (TRIKE) in the cleaning systems that do not have prior authorization. We remind our customers that, to obtain such authorization, the system must be fully hermetic and its emissions within […]

Introducing the new Aquasolvent machine range (Water + Solvent washing is now reality in Firbimatic)

Inroducing the new Aquasolvent machine range (Water + Solvent washing is now reality in Firbimatic) Aquasolvent cleaning machine combines the advantages of aqueous and solvent cleaning in one system. Based on the compact single chamber Multisolvent 100 for hydrocarbon and modified alcohols cleaning agents, the new Aquasolvent machine also enables multistage aqueous  cleaning. The machine […]

Firbimatic at the MECSPE 2016

Firbimatic will exhibit at the next fair Mecspe of Parma, from 17 to 19.03.2016 by presenting the new line of Masterwash aqueous washing systems. The Masterwash range for water and detergent is designed and manufactured entirely by Firbimatic by experts with over twenty years experience in the management of cleaning processes with aqueous solutions of […]

Online new site Firbimatic Metal Cleaning!

Firbimatic SPA, a manufacturer  of high technology industrial machinery is happy to introduce  the new site of the Metal Cleaning Division. Firbimatic Metal Cleaning Division is engaged in production of washing systems for metals and components for the mechanical, medical, military and aerospace industry; in the recent years, the company has become one of the […]

Trichloroethylene, limitation from REACH regulations

The REACH Regulation imposes that the TRICHLOROETHYLENE cannot be supplied or used by the customers without authorization, as of April 21, 2016. Firbimatic is available to provide the best technical support and information to those customers who still use trichloroethylene and are searching for the best solution to continue the cleaning of their components while […]