Modified Alcohol and Hydrocarbon Solvents Systems

Class A III Hydrocarbon machines for metal cleaning

Under the pressure of environmental regulation,  the  application of Modified alcohols and Class AIII hydrocarbon solvents is significantly increasing, whose stronghold is their low environmental impact as they do not belong to categories regulated by the VOC standard on emissions and also the fact that in many applications, their deterging power, (although in some cases lower than that of chlorinated solvents), is still sufficient to obtain the requested result.

In other specific applications on the other hand, such as cleaning of ball bearings, this type of solvent is an absolute MUST, as the residual film of oil left by the hydrocarbons is highly appreciated.

Cleaning systems with Modified Alcohol  for metal cleaning

The alcohol based solvents (modified alcohols), whose their physical-chemical properties are similar to hydrocarbons, have a much higher cleaning power (similar to chlorinates) and can therefore be used where a considerable cleaning and degreasing action is required but, for several reasons, the afore-mentioned chlorinated solvents cannot be used.



Here are our main plants in this category:

  1. RANGE “Evolution” for the washing of pieces of great precision automotive, medical, aerospace and military;
  2. RANGE “Multisolvent” small sized plants with the lowest consumptions of the  category;
  3. RANGE “SFK – EK” the top model intended for cleaning of pieces of large size or of large quantities of precision parts.