Evolution (top performance cleaning machine range)

For precision cleaning of turned parts for automotive, medical, aerospace and fine mechanical  applications


Evolution cleaning system for the precision cleaning of turned partsThe Evolution cleaning system is the Firbimatic top model intended for the precision cleaning of turned parts  and performs a treatment of cleaning and drying under high vacuum at all stages of the treatment (Washing – drying  and distillation).

The Evolution is conceived  to employ, in absolute safety, the hydrocarbon solvents belonging to the class AIII (Flash-Point > 56°C) or alternatively the Modified alcohols solvent (glycol-ethers) and ensures the best cleaning quality by  taking advantage of the hermetic operation under  deep vacuum, which ensures the best cleaning results on complex surfaces, inside cavities and blind holes.

The prior degassing of the solvent, which precedes the start of the actual cleaning cycle, in fact ensures the absolute absence of air bubbles, and then the penetration and homogeneity of the immersion bath. At the end of the cycle, it performs the drying with vacuum values ​​of less than 1-2 mBar: the pieces come out completely deodorised and without any residue of solvent which may contaminate the work environment.

With a productivity up to 8-10 cycles/h, the Evolution cleaning system is able to treat daily up to 100 liters of oil present on the pieces to be degreased.

The distillation process which consists of two distinct phases, allows an almost total separation between solvent and oils, distinguished by a negligible presence of solvent in the distillation residues.

In particular, the continuous distillation of the solvent (main phase of distillation)  is alternated to  phase of solvent Boil-down, which is made at the end of the day in the main distiller (or, if the option is present, the distiller through secondary).
The Boil-down of oily residues has the aim to reduce up to values ​​<1 % the residual solvent content in the sludge which are then automatically ejected in a timed phase (with temperature control).

In no circumstance, the operator comes into contact with the solvent, because the management of loading-unloading, the drainage distillation residues and of the cleaning of the filters, take place automatically and without creating problems for the operator relatively to a possible exposure of the same to residual emissions.

For TURNING parts cleaning  applications, the Evolution range allows to manage large quantities of swarf  both through the operation of the double fine exchange filters, which allow to remove the swarf accumulated inside the washing machine without stopping the cleaning cycle and also through the CADS option, which allows an accumulation of up to 20 kg inside the highly efficient self drying slag filter.

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Model Max.  load


Volume   (l.) Basket-holder size

mm (LxPxH)

Type of operation
Evolution 200 100 54 300 x 900 x h200 / 300 Full vacuum until 1 mBar
Evolution 300 150 80 450 x 900 x h200 Full vacuum until 1 mBar
Evolution 400 200 160 450 x 1200 x h200 Full vacuum until 1 mBar



The Evolution can perform different types of treatment according to the degree of contamination present on the parts. The process runs automatically, within a single sealed chamber. Inside the washing chamber, the basket may rotate, oscillate or remain static. The system is extremely flexible and can therefore realize the washing of a wide variety of pieces.

The cleaning step consists of the following phases all organized in variables sequences in order to obtain the best result on the various parts in function of their geometry, mass, degree of contamination :

  1. spraying pre-wash ( with or without basket movement, both from Tank 1 or Tank 2)
  2. immersion cleaning (with or without Ultrasonics)

The immersion is carried out with of hot solvent from the working tank through fine filter. Also in some models, upon request,  is possible a Second full immersion from the Distilled solvent tank. The mechanical activation of the liquid takes place via sub-level jets and recirculation (in all washing cycles) or ultrasonics (optional) during the stage with immersion.

The vapors rinsing phase, consists in the saturation of the cleaning chamber with solvent vapor generated by the distiller integrated in the machine. The vapors condense on the surface of the pieces so that  rinse finishing and heating take place.

The drying step consists in evaporation and diffusion of the vapors of an evaporator fed by a cooler at about -30 ° C; at this stage  vacuum level is further lowered to levels around > 1 mbar and this ensures the complete drying of the parts. In the Evolution OLDGF (Ozone Layer Depletion Gas Free) version, the refrigerator compressor is not installed and the condensation occurs through an effective and elaborate cooling heat-exchanger  system inserted in a recovery and separation tower.

The Evolution can be coupled with basket automatic feeding system, equipped with automatic recognition system load.



Operating Data for a typical application in a precision turning factory:

  • Contamination: cutting oils and chips
  • Pieces: special brass or other metals from machining
  • Containers: standard baskets   mm 480x320x200 h
  • Dimensions of cargo: 1-2-3-4 baskets  as above
  • Maximum weight load: 50> 400 kg
  • Degreasing agent: hydrocarbons class AIII / modified alcohols
  • Productivity washing machine: 4 to 30 racks / hour. The actual productivity of the system  will be a function of the type of special – shape, quantity, material- and the amount of contaminant present.

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