Multisolvent (easy usage machine range for industrial application)

The range Multisolvent, employs the BAT (Best Available Technology) as far as cleaning  and drying technology is concerned. The cycle takes place entirely under vacuum with values of up to 1 mbar.

The Multisolvent shows  a reduced  footprint and its solvent consumption is among the lowest in the category (<6 g / cycle). Its  simplicity of use and of easy maintenance available to everyone, makes the pair with  its highest cleaning  performance in an  industrial operation (up to 16 hours of continuous work).

It is also possible to convert it for the use of different solvents, with the only need for small changes that are carried out in the space of a few hours (loading new program, etc.)

Working capacity, up to 6 cycles / hour   if coupled with automatic loading and unloading system.

The Multisolvent finds wide application in the following fields:

– Machined Mechanical/Turned  precision parts

– Stamped Details

– Forged components

– Mechanical / Hydraulic components

– Valves / Fittings / Gears

– Special Components


Cycle completely under deep vacuum, for respecting the strictest environmental and safety guidelines
Washing chamber – tanks – distiller – separators – condensers – pipe-work all made of stainless steel
Rotary vane Vacuum pump provided with condensation device
Lid/closure of the basket:

it closes the lid of the basket in order to prevent the fall of the parts during the rotation. Available manual lever or independent automatic versions in case of using automatic loading systems (listed options).

2 solvent storage tanks, thermally insulated
System with oil protection full  immersion (3rd Tank)  or sprinkling (optional)
Condensation system at – 30 ° C with scroll fridge compressor (Option in the OLDGF – Ozone Layer Depletion Gas Free)
Built-in Electric Steam generator,  with high energy saving
High efficiency Distillation Unit; available on request systems automatic or manual scraping the bottom of the distillation chamber
Primary filtration swarf-filter with auto drying controlled by PLC;

on request it can be optionally installed the system CADS (Chips Automatic Drying System) that can collect and dry up to 20 kg. of machined chip. System self-drying.

Device for micro-filtration:

consisting of 1 or more bag fine  filters, with drying PLC controlled – On request  it can be installed one or more cartridge absolute  fine filters can be installed (cleaning & draining  functions managed by the PLC)

Service program to start and finish all maintenance  operations
PLC Siemens ET 200 SP control panel with TP700 touch screen; It is included  as standard the Siemens Gate Manager for the remote connection of the machine to internet for data and parameters monitoring
Cleaning booster Device with ultrasonic transducers, 1 – 2 – transducing rods (option). Available frequencies 25-30-40 kHz
Cooling system with air-air remote exchangers to eliminate the requirements of water for the cooling and condensing (option).





Max.  load


Volume   (l.) Basket-holder size

mm (LxPxH)

Type of operation and drying
Multisolvent 100 50 35 300 x 500 x h300 Full vacuum until 1 mBar
Multisolvent 200 100 70 300 x 950 x h300 Full vacuum until 1 mBar
Multisolvent 300 150 100 450 x 900 x h200 Full vacuum until 1 mBar
Multisolvent 400 200 140 450 x 1200 x h200 Full vacuum until 1 mBar

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