SFK – EK (heavy-duty application machine range)

 EK systems for the cleaning of large size piecesThe SFK – EK cleaning system range is the Firbimatic top model intended for the  cleaning of big dimension parts or for the cleaning of huge quantities of small parts.  It performs a treatment of cleaning and drying under high vacuum at all stages of the treatment (Washing – drying  and distillation).

The SFK – EK systems  are conceived  to employ, in absolute safety, the hydrocarbon solvents belonging to the class AIII (Flash-Point > 56°C) or alternatively the Modified alcohols solvent (glycol ethers) and ensures the best cleaning quality by taking advantage of the hermetic operation under deep vacuum, which ensures the best cleaning results on complex surfaces, inside cavities and blind holes.



The prior degassing of the solvent, which precedes the start of the actual cleaning cycle, in fact ensures the absolute absence of air bubbles, and then the penetration and homogeneity of the immersion bath. At the end of the cycle, it performs the drying with vacuum values ​​of less than 1-2 mBar: the pieces come out completely deodorised and without any residue of solvent which may contaminate the work environment.

With a productivity up to 5-6 cycles/h, the SFK – EK cleaning system is able to treat daily up to 100 liters of oil present on the pieces to be degreased.

The distillation process which consists of two distinct phases, allows an almost total separation between solvent and oils, distinguished by a negligible presence of solvent in the distillation residues.

In particular, the continuous distillation of the solvent (main phase of distillation) is alternated to phase of solvent Boil-down, which is made at the end of the day in the main distiller (or, if the option is present, through the secondary distiller).

The Boil-down of oily residues has the aim to reduce up to values ​​<1 % the residual solvent content in the sludge which are then automatically ejected in a timed phase (with temperature control).

In no circumstance, the operator comes into contact with the solvent, because the management of: loading-unloading, the drainage distillation residues and of the cleaning of the filters, take place automatically and without creating problems for the operator relatively to a possible exposure of the same to residual emissions.




Max. Load


Volume (l.) Basket-holder size

mm (LxPxH)

Type of operation and drying
SFK  50 200 150 500 x 600 x h500 Full vacuum until 1 mBar
SFK  100 400 360 600 x 1000 x h600 Full vacuum until 1 mBar
SFK  150 500 540 600 x 1500 x h600 Full vacuum until 1 mBar
SFK  200 500 720 600 x 2000 x h600 Full vacuum until 1 mBar
EK  100 1000 900 950 x 1000 x h950 Full vacuum until 1 mBar
EK  150 1500 1350 950 x 1500 x 950 Full vacuum until 1 mBar
EK 350 2000 3160 950 x 3500 x h950 Full vacuum until 1 mBar

Upon request customized versions are available!

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