Tunnel mod. CT

Throughfeed Conveyorised Washers mod. CT

Continuous or Step by Step Washing Tunnels Masterwash CT, are available in single or multiple section also with return conveyor or washing sequence by carrousel, for washing great quantities of components.

Versions with in-line dedicated jetted fixtures for complex shape components can be integrated in the standard supplying.

The washing process and the equipment lay-out is defined according with customer’s needs and according with parts configuration and their final destination (phospho-degreasing, protection, etc.).

The conveyor band can be manufactured either in stainless steel or plastic.


  • further rinsing  sections, compressed air blowing,
  • drying sections by fan and air blades, vapour condenser,
  • fine filtration, in-line/off-line microfiltration, magnetic/centrifugal  filter,
  • oil skimmer

Throughfeed Conveyorised Washers for metal cleaning