Carousel automatic cleaning system mod. TR

Carousel automatic cleaning systemSystem with turntable-stepping (of each step can have an adjustable duration) suitable for positioned parts washing or for washing baskets with small or large parts.

The Carousel Cleaning System combine washing action with high pressure sprays and rotation of the parts; then do the rinsing, extraction of vapors and eventual drying by recirculation with forced hot air.

Spraying nozzles are positioned above, below and on the sides and, in conjunction with the rotation of the platform, allow more thorough cleaning of the entire surface of the components.

The pieces are placed individually on the entry / exit station of the rotating platform; the latter is divided into several “sections” absolutely watertight between them, in variable numbers depending on the cycle to be executed.

The automatic rotation step of the carousel allows treatment with spray and blowing fully targeted on the parts under treatment. Ideal for parts to be cleaned by spraying jets and when you want to get an high productivity with medium-high washing quality.

The Carousel Cleaning System carries out the following step of cleaning:

  1. wash cycle with high pressure spraying
  2. rinsing
  3. blowing
  4. drying

Positioning of parts on the loading/exit station can be manual or robotic.


  • further rinsing  sections, compressed air blowing;
  • drying sections by fan and air blades, vapour condenser;
  • fine filtration, in-line/off-line microfiltration, magnetic/centrifugal  filter;
  • oil skimmer.