Cleaning technologies with hermetically sealed solvent systems

The closed-circuit industrial cleaning process with modified alcohol, hydrocarbon or chlorinated solvent represents the ideal technology for applications where the aim is to achieve the highest possible treatment quality at the lowest possible running costs and with repeatability of the results.

Firbimatic Metal Cleaning Division systems are available in standard and special versions, operating with  aliphatic hydrocarbons, modified alcohols and chlorinated solvents.

Cleaning technologies with hermetically sealed solvent systemsBefore suggesting a solution, the technicians of Firbimatic thoroughly analyse the requirements and the specific expectations of each customer, through case-studies and repeated preliminary cleaning tests carried out at our factories on various systems available for such purpose.

Though having different characteristics based on the solvent used, experience shows that even the most stubborn of inorganic contaminants can be successfully removed during treatment, which envisages a sequence of hot and cold baths, immersions and vapours. By drying further in a sealed environment, basically all the solvent on the parts or in the system can be recovered, making consumption practically nil.

Firbimatic Metal Cleaning Division solvent systems are especially effective for geometrically complex parts with blind holes, through holes, welded parts, etc., which can be reached thanks to repeated sprinkling, soaking and vapour phases.

Solid dirt particles, such as dust, swarf and inorganic salts are removed efficiently by the mechanical washing action combined with selected basket movement, coupled with the most suitable filtering system.

Excellent cleaning results are also repeatedly reached on non-metal materials, especially synthetic plastic substances for aeronautics, medical or precision applications, customising the constructional and processing aspects on a case-to-case basis with the customer, with special attention to constructional and lay-out simplicity, with ample use of flanged and welded stainless steel pipes and customised surface treatments (Teflon coating, pickling etc.).

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