How to choose the type of solvent

The choice of solvent and consequently the corresponding cleaning system depends on the solvent’s degree of affinity with the contaminant to be removed from the part to be treated, as well as the constructional material of the part.

Often however, for reasons that sometimes have nothing to do with purely technical aspects, customers prefer cleaning systems that are able to take different washing liquids, so that they are ready for the future possibility of a certain solvent no longer being available (multisolvent machines).

Almost all machine models provided with vacuum pump, may freely operate with hydrocarbons/modified alcohols and/or with chlorinated solvents, prior to a necessary configuration in the hardware and software.

All the systems of the Evoluton – SFK and Multisolvent machine range work entirely under vacuum. This ensures major advantages for users:

  • Lower Consumptions and solvent losses are reduced further.
  • Lower operational temperatures of the solvent, which enables less stressful distillation and improved solvent recovery in the drying phase.
  • Suitable for washing the widest variety of parts.
  • Continuous control of micro solvent leakages through permanent control of the vacuum level.

The PLC installed in the system monitors and analyses the main parameters involved while the system is running so that it operates in total safety and in compliance with international safety standards of machinery and emission limits.


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