The 7 remarkable advantages of solvent system

no-emissioniZERO EMISSIONS

Negligible emissions at the workplace and outdoors (far below the limits imposed by the VOC/13/99 Directive, D.M.44 and subsequent amendments)


Savings of over 99% of solvent compared to the outdated open tank systems and compared to the so-called “closed” tank systems, which in actual fact are never compliant to standards.

risultati-eccezionaliENDURING RESULTS

Exceptional and constant cleaning and drying results (possible application in medical, aerospace, electronic and precision industries).

rimozione-totaleCOMPLETE CLEANING

Total removal of all types of pollutants (oil, grease, swarf, chips, wax, foundry sand etc.). The solvents are suitable for a wide range of contaminants.


Washing with clean and distilled solvent in each cycle (impeccable cleaning quality that remains constant over time).


Drying in a clean and hermetically sealed environment. The drying of the components takes place more quickly and effectively.


Maximum operating safety thanks to the adoption of vacuum technology, which prevents any emission outwards

In addition to these seven major advantages of our washing systems have many other distinguishing features and characteristic:

  • Possibility of high-pressure spray washing;
  • Hot and cold bath immersion (partial or total) and ultrasonics;
  • Spray rinsing, soaking and solvent vapour phase;
  • Ultra filtering in the rinsing stage up to 1 micron;
  • Vacuum or air recirculation drying;
  • An additional part protection stage can also be offered with special additives to preserve the component for extended storage times.

Several years have gone by since Firbimatic added this page to its catalogues and to its website. Still today we notice that these “Advantages” have become ever consolidated certainties in the world of cleaning systems.

We are pleased to see so many customers returning to the safe use of solvent; at the end of the 90’s and at the beginning of this millennium, customers switched to the unstable and inconstant washing procedures exploiting water and detergent, but later most of them honestly admitted that they never really reached the required quality and repeatability of the results without worries, which are eliminated in solvent cleaning systems, especially now that technology offers hermetically sealed systems, which perform the entire washing/drying process without environmental emissions.