The typical washing cycle

Firbimatic Metal Cleaning Division solvent systems perform the complete washing and drying cycle inside a sealed chamber, into which one or more baskets with the parts to be treated have been previously introduced. Based on the type of solvent or the process selected, all or just some of the cleaning phases listed herein are performed under vacuum:


icon-prelav Pre-wash

When the cycle starts, once the door has been closed, a first brief pre-washing bath is performed with solvent at a controlled temperature, which is sprayed at high pressure directly on the parts. The solvent of this first bath, which now contains 90% of the contaminants in solution, is then sent to the system’s built-in still, which fully regenerates the liquid so that it can be used again.



icon-washMain Cleaning

Meanwhile, a second solvent bath takes place at a regulated temperature with more solvent (sprinkling phase/partial or total immersion).
When the components are rather elaborate, in terms of conformation, or if the pollutants are difficult to remove, this partial or total immersion bath is indeed required, with solvent at a regulated temperature, accompanied in certain cases by the reinforcing action of ultrasonics, which shall be calibrated with the optimum frequency and intensity for the application requested. During this phase, the solvent can also be finely filtered before it returns towards the work tank, where it will then be gradually distilled by the still when it is not used for the vapour phase.



icon-vapoVapour phase

In the final stage of the cleaning cycle, as preparation for the subsequent drying phase, in most cases the components are vaporised directly with solvent vapours inside the washing chamber. These vapours, which come from the boiling still, condense on the parts treated inside the washing chamber, simultaneously removing any residual pollutants and heating the same, ready for the subsequent drying phase.

icon-dryDrying phase

The drying phase, whose time varies based on the type of system involved (remember the fundamental distinction between systems with re-circulated air driers and driers with vacuum pump), is always performed in a closed circuit with basically total recovery of the solvent from the parts. In some cases, especially in the case of very large systems that exploit chlorinated solvents, the solvent is to be filtered through active charcoal filters at the end of the cycle in the drying circuit, to ensure compliance with the values imposed by the VOC Directive when the loading door is opened at the end of the cycle.


Control Panel touch screenTo complete the extreme versatility of Firbimatic Metal Cleaning Division systems, all of which feature a PLC programmer for selecting a wide range of different cleaning programs as well as auto-check and monitoring systems of the main functions, an optional movement management system of the basket inside the washing chamber can be supplied, for complete rotation, swinging and tilting functions. These extra features, which add a fundamental mechanical action, to ensure a better wash and faster drying, produce superior performance, which in terms of end results and compliance with environmental regulations, distinguishes Firbimatic Metal Cleaning Division systems.