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From Perchloroethylene to Modified Alcohol a FIRBIMATIC's Revamping Project

FIRBIMATIC's Revamping Project

— 14 / 05 / 2024

At SILMET S.p.A. in Brescia (IT) one of our most valued clients, we recently completed a significant revamping project, focusing on their Copper Tube Cleaning Machine model FP 8000.
This case study outlines the conversion from perchloroethylene to modified alcohol solvent in the cleaning process, showcasing our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.

Client Background:

SILMET S.p.A.  owned an old  metal cleaning machine manufactured by FIRBIMATIC many years ago. The cleaning machine, designed for straight tube cleaning, originally operated using super stabilized perchloroethylene. However, recognizing the need for a more efficient and environmentally friendly solution, Silmet  approached FIRBIMATIC Service team inquiring the possibility of a revamping and a conversion to operate with  modified alcohol.

Technical Study and Expertise:

Our technical team conducted a thorough analysis of the existing system, proposing a tailored revamping solution. Their expertise ensured a seamless integration of the modified alcohol system, optimizing machine performance post-revamp.

Revamping Overview:

Our revamping initiative involved a thorough overhaul of the existing system, with key modifications including:


1) Transition to Modified Alcohol:
- The core of our efforts focused on transitioning from perchloroethylene to modified alcohol for the cleaning and drying process
This transition aimed to balance efficiency and environmental impact, addressing concerns associated with both solvents

Upgraded Distillation Units and Vacuum Pumps :
- Triple Distillation Module equipped with an "ESD" distillation energy recovery system
- 4 newly designed  heat-exchangers powered fed by the external chiller were installed.
- Installed 3 rotary vane vacuum pumps plus 1 Roots decompressor,  in conjuction with a condensation system and pre-separators
 - These upgrades aimed to enhance system reliability and performance post-revamp.

3) Complete Overhaul of Electrical and Pneumatic Systems:
completely rewired and replaced cables, pneumatic tubes, and electrical and electronic components, including the PLC and HMI

Software Update:
We updated the software controlling various machine functions to accommodate the changes brought about by the revamping process.

Project’s Technical Details:

  • Tube Loading system: Vertical

  • Chamber Length: 8 meters

  • Solvent Distillation Capacity: 1200 liters/h

  • Complete cycle Time: 30 minutes

Service and Support:

We extend our gratitude to the dedicated FIRBIMATIC Service Team whose meticulous work played a fundamental role not only in this project but in all interactions with our clients. Their commitment to excellence ensures that FIRBIMATIC s.p.a. remains at the forefront of customer satisfaction and technical innovation. So proud of them
The transition from perchloroethylene to modified alcohol in our client's Tube Cleaning Machine marks a significant step towards sustainability and innovation. At FIRBIMATIC, we are proud to have played a pivotal role in this transformation, reaffirming our position as a leader in industrial cleaning solutions.

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