Industrial Metal Cleaning Machines

Firbimatic Spa was founded in 1971 thanks to Gino Biagi who at the time was a young entrepreneur with a great industrial vision. After 50 years since its foundation, today Firbimatic performs a position of utmost relevance in the international overview of manufactures of metal cleaning machines operating both with solvents and with aqueous detergents.
Firbimatic produces industrial metal cleaning machines, which are employed by manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, medical and precision component companies to remove organic and inorganic contaminants from the treated parts.
To bring on the market an high quality industrial end-product, it is indispensable a perfect standards of cleanliness during the different stages of industrial cycles.
For this reason, Firbimatic offers a wide range of cleaning machines, which meets the needs of an industrial market always in a never-ending development.


Firbimatic Metal Cleaning Machines

Firbimatic proposes a wide range of machines for the cleaning of an endless series of industrial components, made up of standard or customized production machines, that allow the identification and the execution of the most appropriate cleaning cycle related to each parts to be cleaned.
By this, our range of cleaning equipment is made up both of models suitable for the treatment of light-weight and delicate precision components and of customized solutions designed to wash large pieces, which require a deep and accurate degreasing procedure.
Firbimatic Metal Cleaning offers three different ranges of washing systems:

  • Solvent cleaning machines
  • Aqueous washing machines
  • Tube and coil cleaning machines and special customized washing systems



Industrial metal cleaning systems operating with modified alcohols and solvents feature hermetically sealed process in the industrial machine operation, assuring a full safety and the international emission norms strict compliance.
The phases of cleaning and drying treatment cycle occur under high vacuum level that ensures the best cleaning results on complex surfaces, inside of the cavity and blind holes.
The industrial cleaning systems operates further with modified alcohol, aliphatic hydrocarbons, chlorinated solvents and hydrofluorocarbons, showing near zero emission values.



Aqueous washing machines are part of the Firbimatic Masterwash machine range. Their main feature is the wide variety of models available for performing the selected washing cycle, along with the availability of customizable washing programs according to the cleaning needs and geometry requirements of the component to be treated.

Industrial parts washers for components operate with water and detergents and do not use any chemical solvents. So, they allow an important reduction of energy consumption and provide comparable or superior results for chemical solvent systems.
Here are the different configurations of systems in the Masterwash parts washers range:

  • CT conveyorized tunnel models for cleaning large quantities of components or for precision washing in a production line
  • CM washing cabin for small or medium size components
  • Logica Blue hydrokinetic part washers for automotive parts and different systems for non-standard size components
  • Special systems for non-standard parts




Thanks to intense collaboration with important leading component manufactures, Firbimatic has designed and manufactured special metal cleaning machines to be employed in the hermetically sealed cleaning of tubes, coils and metal profiles, as well as applications for the aerospace and heavy-duty industry. Some models are available in aqueous configuration.
All our systems have an impressive hourly production since they are pre-arranged to work over three shifts for more than 320 days a year by using alcohol modified, hydrocarbons, perchloroéthylène or other aqueous solutions.
Firbimatic also provides solutions for automatic and semi-automatic loading and unloading systems with automatic component and washing program recognition.



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Why to choose a Firbimatic cleaning system ?

  • Perfect standards of cleanliness during the different stages of industrial processing (Cleanliness norms VD 19 EN-ISO 16232)
  • Full respect with international regulations for the protection of operators and the protection of the environment
  • Treatment of metal surfaces and not, even on structures with particularly complex geometries, provided with blind holes or hard access cavities
  • Wide range of models, both of small size for hourly production (precision cleaning and/or delicate components of a few grams of weight) and of customized solutions for the treatment of large heavy parts weighting several tons
  • Constant high levels of cleaning result over time (very high surface tension values, cleanliness, gravimetry and granulometry according with EN/ISO 16232)
  • Technical Dept. with more than twenty designers and qualified designer to develop standard and customized systems



Projects realized for our costumers

Firbimatic has collaborated over the years with the greatest “Excellences” in Italian and international industry :
In the period between the ‘70s and ‘90s it became leader in solvent operated textile cleaning machines, this has allowed it to acquire universally known customers in the fashion industry such as Armani, Prada and Benetton. These costumers before treating and working on their valuable fabrics, wash them thoroughly with our dry-cleaning machines.
Important co-operations have then been made through our Metal Cleaning Division, with the development of taylor-made cleaning and degreasing systems for famous companies such as NASA, Leonardo and General Electric Avio. In addition to that, in the recent years the CERN of Geneva – Switzerland has chosen Firbimatic as sole supplier of the cleaning machine dedicated to their components to be assembled in the new galvanic unit. The machine cleans parts applied in the tunnel acceleration atomic sub-particle, LHC (Large Hadron Collider).


Service and Professionalism

The continuous activity of research and development of new machine models had permitted Firbimatic to offer to the potential customers the following services:

  • Specialized Technical Centre, with various types of systems permanently at the customer’s disposal for comparative cleaning tests
  • Experience and availability by expert and qualified technicians, available even after office hours and ready to resolve any technical problems over the phone and to suggest the best washing programs for the customer’s parts, indicating the best cycle possible based on the lowest economic and energy impact
  • Spare parts service, for the quick identification and supply of all spare components for our machines installed in the world-wide market place
  • Choice of baskets, guiding our customer on the choice of the most appropriate baskets most suitable to the components to be treated
  • Extensive Training Courses, on how to use and to service our cleaning systems on a daily and periodical basis
  • Logistic Support for periodic chemical analyses by the chemical suppliers, necessary to keep the solvents and the detergents employed on our machines, in their best operative and functional conditions
  • Support in Managing environmental procedures in full respect of International and European legislation.



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