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Chlorinated solvent cleaning : how to guarantee the efficiency of the industrial systems

— 10 / 10 / 2023 In industrial systems, precision and efficiency are essential to ensure optimal performance and safety of production machinery. Among the critical components, tubes play an essential role, directly influencing the functionality of various systems. This is why thorough cleaning of these elements is vitally important. Metal tubes  can in fact accumulate a series of contaminants including oils, greases, welding residues and other impurities which can compromise the efficiency and life of the systems in which they are used.

Innovative solutions for effective cleaning
To address these challenges, in the heat treatment sector, we rely on advanced technologies for washing pipes and tubes  through the use of industrial washing systems. Chlorinated solvent cleaning solutions such as superstabilized perchlorethylene are particularly effective at removing contaminants from metal pipes and tubes. The use of perchlorethylene for metal cleaning therefore represents a strategic choice for companies that need thorough and efficient cleaning of pipes. In addition to their effectiveness in removing contaminants, they offer advantages in terms of safety, environmental impact and regulatory compliance.

Chlorinated solvents: a versatile and safe choice
In the metal cleaning landscape, chlorinated solvents emerge as a first-rate solution. Compared to other cleaning options, they offer a number of key advantages:

Chlorinated solvents are capable of treating a wide range of materials, including copper, iron, aluminum and others with a high degree of porosity.
The total absence of flash points makes chlorinated solvents ideal for metal washing systems that operate under vacuum. This feature promotes effectiveness in systems intended for the treatment of particularly dirty components.
Quality in cleaning
The combination of a low boiling point, strong fat solubility and low surface tension gives chlorinated solvents high cleaning power. This results in dry and residue-free surfaces, ready for any subsequent treatments.
High recycling potential
Hermetic circuit solvent washing systems that use chlorinated substances fully satisfy safety and environmental requirements. Through a simple distillation process, it is possible to clean and recover the solvent, significantly reducing consumption.
Firbimatic, a leading company in the metal washing systems sector, offers tailor-made solutions and cutting-edge equipment that help ensure efficient and environmentally friendly systems.
Contact us for more information and to find the most suitable washing system for your company.

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