Customer service, Spare parts and Technical/Environmental support

Alongside ongoing research and development of new models, without ever losing sight of our customers’ needs, efficiency, environmental safeguard, life of the system, ease of use, labour and top quality of the end results, we offer potential customers the following services:



Specialised technical centre with various types of systems permanently at the customer’s disposal for comparative cleaning tests. Tests aimed at pinpointing the most suitable process for the customer’s needs are free of charge and are not binding in any way.


Expert and qualified technicians, available after office hours and ready to resolve any technical problems over the phone and to suggest the best washing programs for the customer’s parts, indicating the best cycle possible based on the lowest economic and energy impact. Our qualified technicians also help to find any spare parts necessary and inform the sales department immediately to ensure prompt shipments.


Absolutely excellent spare parts service, seeing as we design and manufacture all parts of our systems. We can even consign spare parts for machines sold over 20 years ago.


Indications on the choice of the most appropriate baskets (above all based on the possibility of the level of movement of the parts during the washing and drying phases).

Integration of the metal cleaning systems of Firbimatic Metal Cleaning Division with the basket conveyance systems already installed at the factory.

TRAINING COURSES Custom baskets and spare parts for machinery

Extensive training courses on how to use and service the systems. Firbimatic focuses strongly on this aspect, because we are fully aware that if our customers are efficiently informed and technically trained, they become self-sufficient, which represents an added value for us and for the growth of our technical experience in cleaning the widest variety of parts.


Exact indications on periodic stability and pH analyses to be performed on the solvent used and introduction c/o the main suppliers of chemical products.


Real support for managing environmental procedures and complementary information on applicable standards in force, such as M.D. 44/2004 and subsequent amendments, the European Directive VOC 99/13/CE, and further concerning atmospheric Emissions, Waste disposal, Management of water resources, Noise and acoustic emissions and Hygiene.