Modified Alcohol : The technical development moves forward

It goes on successfully  the technological development of Multisolvent series, Evolution and SFK machine range, all safely operating modified alcohol solvents.

Even recently some important turning factories and machining companies in the North and Central Italy through our.authorized distributor Dollmar Meccanica  have acquired a number of   advanced design operating degreasing machine  modified alcohol operated.

Modified alcohols have excellent solvency power for oils and fats and are effective in the removal of polar pollutants (emulsions, polishing pastes, salts, etc.).

From the point of view of machine engineering modified alcohols evaporate quickly, have very low toxicity and can be completely recycled through distillation.

These new solvents, available on the market both  through the Dollmar Group or also through other international manufacturers, are also suitable for the treatment of sintered components, precision mechanical parts, heat treatments and coating components.

Firbimatic Vacuum operation equipment  with stainless steel components and pipework, featuring  pre-wash or main wash spray at high pressure, ultrasonic and complete immersion option, fine and ultrafine filtration lead to any required result as a function of gravimetry  specifications of parts to be cleaned.