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Cleaning systems for small metal components , a valid support for comany productivity

— 01 / 10 / 2019

Expensive, sometimes not so efficient” these are the adjectives frequently used by companies belonging to automotive, medical and aerospace industries in relation to metal cleaning systems.

Since these are cleaning equipment, in each washing cycle numerous parts are treated and therefore it is important to choose the best design and configuration of the machine to provide customers with the cleanliness specifications they demand.

Consumption depends on the efficiency and effectiveness of the machine; the goal is to produce clean parts at the lowest possible cost to maintain profitability and sustainability should also play an important role.

The typical problems of a metal cleaning equipment

Companies that work in the automotive, aerospace and medical sector need systems that can guarantee the highest cleaning results before each component is included in the production process.

Dirty metal components with oil residues and others cannot be re-worked or assembled because the final product on the market shoud correspond at all to the customer’s expectations and to the modern certified quality criteria

The machines for washing metal components in batches were the first proposal in the cleaning sector, solutions that offered the possibility for companies to wash an average of forty parts at the same time in about thirty seconds per piece.

Apparently it could be a valid solution but it is important to highlight the following aspects:

  1. these metal cleaning machines are expensive;
  2. the size of these machines takes important space away from the equipment necessary for production;
  3. the cleaning of industrial components in batches (bulk) does not always assure high homogeneous levels of cleanless.

Metal washing machines with conveyor belt (tunnel)

The solution of the tunnel conveyor belt has also proved to be a failure in some cases for the following reasons.

This type of metal cleaning machines use a conveyor belt to accommodate the components to be treated, however the presence of openings on both sides allows the steam to escape; the water does not heat enough and consequently, the foam rate increases.

In this case energy consumption is considerable.

How the efforts to reduce the environmental impact have changed the offer of metal cleaning machines

Energy reduction, lower environmental impact and optimization of spaces: these are the elements that have largely influenced the offer of industrial industrial metal cleaning machines.

To meet these needs, Firbimatic has invested significant resources in R&D activities which have led to the design and implementation of solutions capable of satisfying any request in terms of cleaning.

The aqueous spray wash systems, Masterwash range, use detergent and water. They are highly flexible and allow you to drastically reduce the amount of energy consumed.

Thanks to modern and cutting-edge technologies, our company has been able to introduce an important automation component in the wash cycles which enables to monitor all consumption and timing of each washing phase.

When technology and innovation are at the complete service of the end customer

Modern and innovative technologies and the focus on the customer: these are the secret ingredients and the recipe for success of the Masterwash line adopted by Firbimatic.

Reliable and flexible, able to adapt to different contexts and industrial environments, the Masterwash range stands out from the competition offer by:

  • its versatility;
  • for the level of customization in order to meet specific needs;
  • for a small footprint, which does not unnecessarily take away space from the production site;
  • for the significant cost reduction.

Industrial metal washing systems should never be an obstacle to achieving any company targe, but a valid support to increase competitiveness every day: we can say that we have helped entrepreneurs to achieve this important goal.

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