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Future development in the market for metal cleaning equipment in Europe: the strategic plan of FIRBIMATIC

— 03 / 09 / 2018

In May 2018, the American Transparency Market Research website published a Report describing what will be the future trend of the European market for industrial metal washing machines.

Transparency Market Research, in one of its recent reports, has  found that the Europe metal cleaning equipment market, where Germany occupies a leading position ( in 2017, the country accounted for a dominant share of 24.3% in terms of revenue in the Europe) will expand at a healthy 6.7% CAGR over the period between 2017 and 2024.

This growth will increase the value of the market: from US$765.0 million in 2017  to 1,202.7 million by 2024.

Pricing and focus shift : the future market developments

It is expected that the growth potential described in the report by Transparency Market Research will largely be affected  by product and service pricing as most companies in the market presently offer solutions that most small or medium-sized companies cannot afford .

Interesting growth opportunities will come from power generation and transmission industry as the European Union plans to import nearly 20% of its overall electriciy from the MEA regions by 2020.

Consequently the increase in numbers of power connection networks stretching across the desert and the Mediterranean will lead to an increase in the demand for complex cleaning equipment in the region.

The shift from solvent-based solutions to aqueous ones: how the focus will evolve

Pricing strategy will therefore be a key factor for competition and growth , however it will not be enough: the focus of the market could further shift from Solvent-based to Aqueous-based Metal Cleaning Equipment.

This trend is certainly due to a series of problems related to the use of solvents, first of all the emissions produced from chemicals used in the non-hermetic washing processes belonging to the old construction types.
Such emissions are harmful for workers and for the environment due to a high level of pollution. This is the reason why the preference of certain potential customers  could evolve towards acqueous-based solutions over solvent-based ones.

Aqueous solutions do not contain VOCs and ozone-depleting chemicals ; furthermore, they are not flammable because they do not contain oil or other flammable components.

Nonetheless the solvent-based equipment with hermetically sealed circuit will continue to be an important share of the market, however  their annual compound growth rate will be 3.8% in the period.

Acqueous-based equipment and detergents :  Firbimatic MASTERWASH range

Solvent-based systems have occupied the main position in our company offer for a long time, but in the last five years we have decided to extend our range of washing systems with a new series of water and detergent models.

Since at the time there was no expert staff in the company, we have reinforced the technical office with specialized designers with a solid experience in this field: the result of their skills and know-how is the MASTERWASH range.

These machines for the industrial washing of metal components are fully ecological, they have customizable washing programs which allow to reduce energy consumption and comply with the CE regulations on plant safety

Our range of acqueous-based systems and detergents is particularly suitable for precision cleaning on parts of the aeronautical and medical sectors characterized by blind holes and hidden cavities.

Prospects for the future: fixed position washing systems

The space for growth in the water and detergent washing systems market is wide, as also demonstrated by the data highlighted in the article.

The industrial washing machines of the metal components that provide a positioned washing system represent the next target that Firbimatic wants to achieve: this technology allows washing every single part of the piece with jets of water positioned for a final result of superior quality.

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