Chlorinated solvents systems (hermetically sealed process)

The range of chlorinated solvent machines for metal cleaning, which are in our production program since almost 50 years and object of an ongoing renewal process, is split-up into two sub-ranges  all operating with the hermetically sealed process : series Logica-SF-E that exploit the  super-stabilised perchloroethylene and the models that exploit methylene chloride or special solvents (hydro-fluorocarbons, HFE, etc.).

Still today, in the majority of cases, the systems of this range exploit super stabilised perchloroethylene that has an  high solvent power and it is compatible with most metals, especially those that oxidise easily, such as aluminium, magnesium, zinc and alloys such as brass and other.

Chlorinated solvents systems



FUNCTIONALITY: Ideal to remove pollutants such as processing oils, chips and micro dust on different types of materials (brass, steel, iron, aluminum, zinc alloy, precious metals). Also, the Logica-SF-E ranges  are ideal for the cleaning of polishing pastes polluted components.

PRODUCTIVITY: The washing cycles can be programmed for both functions and time according to the specific needs of the operator.

MAXIMUM EFFICIENCY: low consumption of the product thanks to continuous distillation and high energy savings achieved through innovative design, privileging the complete hermeticity.

SAFETY: Maximum safety for operators and for the working environment due to sophisticated control systems of temperatures, pressures and of all the devices of the system. Warranty of use in complete safety. All our plants are built in full compliance with local environmental law.


Perchloroethylene – Methylene chloride –  Hydro-fluorocarbons



Volume (l.) Basket holder dimensions

mm (LxDxH)

Max. load


Drying system
Logica 100 27 300 x 450 x h300 50 Vacuum / air re-circulation
Logica 200 54 300 x 950 x h300 100 Vacuum / air re-circulation
Logica 300 80 450 x 900 x h200 150 Vacuum / air re-circulation
SF 50 150 500 x 600 x h500 200 Vacuum / air re-circulation
SF 100 360 600 x 1000 x h600 400 Vacuum / air re-circulation
SF 150 540 600 x 1500 x h600 500 Vacuum / air re-circulation
SF 200 720 600 x 2000 x h600 600 Vacuum / air re-circulation
E 100 900 950 x 1000 x h950 1000 Vacuum / air re-circulation
E 150 1350 950 x 1500 x 950 1500 Vacuum / air re-circulation
E 350 3160 950 x 3500 x h950 2000 Vacuum / air re-circulation

Upon request customized and larger chamber versions, with Top Loading, are available 


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 Systems designed and built to work over 3 shifts

  • Reduced electrical consumption thanks to the “Energy Saving Device”  (the distillation heat is recycled to heat the solvent in the tanks).
  • Ample possibility of employing a variety of different chemical  additives enhancing the component features
  • Optimised and safe operation of the systems thanks to the fact that the main physical operational parameters are continuously monitored by the Siemens ET 200 SP PLC
  • Distillation system with single or double still (also under vacuum).
  • Basket drive by means of a gear motor managed by an inverter and encoder.
  • Improved technical assistance thanks to the rational arrangement of the machine’s components
  • Continuous monitoring of the vacuum seal, thus minimising emissions and risks.
  • Exposure limits of operators are well above the emissions of the system, which complies with all standards, even the strictest.
  • Possibility to fill and discharge residues without vapour emissions in the workplace.


Standard fittings of the systems of Firbimatic Metal Cleaning Division:

  • 1-2 thermally-insulated solvent storage tanks (with adjustable temperature)
  • 1-2 continuous distillation module for solvent regeneration
  • Double water-solvent gravitational separator
  • Closed circuit condensation system, complete with heat-pump refrigeration system (option in the OLDGF – Ozone layer Depletion Gas Free version)
  • Centrifugal pump solvent circulation system
  • 250-500 µm slg filtration system
  • Computerised control of the washing process (20 stored programs)
  • Coalperc, Active carbon recovery system, for the elimination of all solvent residues and vapors from the cleaning chamber. Version available in 1 x or 2 x 10-15-30-60-100-150-200 Kg per cyclinder)

Accessories available:

  • Auxiliary 3rd tank for full immersion with protecting oil mixture
  • Independent system pipe-work, with pumps, filters and pipes for automotive & precision component cleaning
  • Ultrasonic cleaning, available frequencies 25-30-40 kHz
  • Additional stages of fine and Micro filtering of process residues up to 1 µm (Bag fines filter or Absolute cartridge filter)
  • Double or Triple Distillation Systems (for considerable oil presence)
  • Manual or automatic still cleaning rake
  • Ultra-distillation system – Eco System /vacuum at end of distillation (Boil-down
  • PPM spectrographic infrared Analyser for detecting the solvent presence inside the chamber
  • PH meter, connected to the machine PLC for continually monitoring the state of the solvent in the tanks
  • Automatic or semi-automatic basket loading and unloading system
  • Automatic basket closing system
  • Solvent additive pump (antifoam)

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