Overview of metal cleaning systems


The standard production range of solvent systems of Firbimatic Metal Cleaning Division is split-up into standard systems with coded characteristics repeating those previously manufactured  and other systems entirely  customised, conceived to meet the specific requirements of individual customers, in terms of the dimensions of the washing chamber and in terms of the  technological and performance aspects of the systems to be produced.

The above is possible thanks to the remarkably proficient engineering department, which employs around about twenty qualified designers and draftsmen who exploit the company’s facilities and highly technological machine tools.

 Design of metal cleaning machines

These in-house mechanical structural work perform the complete cycle of processes so that practical fulfilment requirements of extremely complex and hi-tech cleaning systems can be rapidly satisfied.


Quality and precision are characteristic requirements of the production process, which comprises the production of prototypes and the complete supply of all the fundamental parts of the systems, all made of stainless steel, complete with surface treatments and painting.

Firbimatic works with qualified independent companies just for operations such as turning, milling, boring, thermal and galvanic treatments, painting and surface finishing, whilst the use of combined technology guarantees high production output for complex pieces and enables rapid and precise operation.

We also avail of leading-edge laser cutting systems, which are supplied by the automatic metal sheet stocks and we can process normal 20-mm thick steel sheets and stainless steel with maximum thickness of 25 mm in-house; this means that we can even produce absolutely special systems in-house.

Bureau Veritas CertificationWe also have our own welding and robotic stations. The skills of our welding operators are certified by the “BUREAU VERITAS” and by consultants with “IWT – International Welding Technologist” qualification. Specific welding tests can also be carried out by independent specialists.

A final mention goes to the high quality standards reached above all thanks to the outstanding experience of our personnel in the assembly and testing departments, who have been working for our company for years and who have followed the evolution of our metal cleaning systems since our division was set-up, ten years ago.