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Why Firbimatic 's modified alcohol and solvent vacuum cleaning systems represent the near future

— 16 / 11 / 2023 In industrial environments, the use of vacuum cleaning systems with modified alcohols and solvents is emerging as the next frontier in metal processing efficiency and safety. Firbimatic , at the forefront of this sector, presents a solution that promises to transform the way we manage industrial cleaning.

H3: Safety and protection of operators
One of the distinctive advantages of these systems concerns the fact that the entire washing process takes place in hermetically closed environments. The operators, who are involved in these operations every day, enjoy greater protection since the working environment is completely separated from the hermetic chamber of the washing system. This not only improves safety, but also provides greater peace of mind during cleaning operations.

H3: High standards of cleanliness
Firbimatic vacuum cleaning systems offer exceptional cleaning results, tackling a wide range of contaminants with extreme effectiveness. Thanks to innovative washing technologies, these systems are able to remove stubborn deposits and impurities, ensuring that the treated components meet the highest cleanliness standards.

H3: Key elements for effective cleaning
Among the distinctive characteristics of these systems, the following stand out:

1. Ultrasonic : A cleaning mode that uses high-frequency sound waves to agitate and remove contaminants even in the hardest-to-reach places.

2. Complete rotation or oscillation of the basket : A controlled movement of the working baskets which ensures on the one hand a homogeneous spraying and distribution of the solvent and a uniform and complete cleaning of the components.

3. Hot vapors preceded by spray and immersion phases: A multi-phase approach that combines the action of sprays during pre-washing, immersion with hot solvent and finally the solvent vapor phase which from distillation arrives directly on the components, optimizing the washing effectiveness.

4. High vacuum drying : An advanced drying process that eliminates solvent residues efficiently, quickly, ensuring maximum precision.

Firbimatic modified alcohol and solvent based vacuum cleaning systems are shaping the future of industrial cleaning operations.
Safety, exceptional cleanliness and cutting-edge technology are the characteristics of our industrial washing machines . Discover them on our website and contact us for more information!

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