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A solution for every industrial cleaning requirement.

NASA, Leonardo, General Electric – Avio and finally the CERN in Geneva.

These names of our customers would be enough to understand Firbimatic working environment. Firbimatic is today a world leader in the manufacture and export of machinery for the industrial cleaning of metals and textiles.

Firbimatic Spa was founded in 1971 thanks to Mr. Gino Biagi, still today leading the company. He started to manufacture the first machines inside a small crumbling building which was formerly a cinema in the village of Calderara di Reno, in the suburbs of Bologna. Today the operation area exceeds 40,000 square meters, including indoor and outdoor, on which the company operates.

 Top view of our industrial plant

And certainly this is an adventure that comes from far away, so Mr. Biagi says :

“In the period between the ’70s and’ 90s thanks to aggressive marketing policies and major technical evolutions, we have become the market leader in textile cleaning machines, just remember that Armani, Prada and Benetton before working on their valuable fabrics, wash them with our machines” states Gino Biagi who continues as follows:

At the beginning of 2000 we founded the Metal Cleaning Division and we entered into the field of machines for metal-cleaning and then we gradually reached important technological awards, as to both build quality of energy saving and environmental impact.

Today, each and every industrial production that has at its base to any element in metal or other material, must imperatively be treated with a suitable cleaning process before entering into the production cycle. Firbimatic had already understood the importance of this need in the market several years ago.”

The consecration came in the year 2012, when the scientific body of highest technology concern in the world, the CERN, has chosen Firbimatic as a supplier for the cleaning machines to be employed in the new galvanic unit for parts applied in the tunnel acceleration sub -particelle atomic, called LHC.

The choice of CERN is the result of the quality of  Firbimatic production which is the strong point of the company and that it not only includes all the processes of transformation of the sheet, with high technology machinery such as laser cutting machines and machine tools with numerical control, etc. but also those processes that unstructured competitors delegate outside “.

 Fibimatic Metal Cleaning Division - View of the factory

The realization of refrigeration systems and abatement, for example, are all made internally for a better quality control of production, taking account of the importance assumed by these units in the economy of operating a washing plant.

Firbimatic Spa, for quantity of produced machines and for the quality of construction projects, is today among the leading European manufacturers of industrial washing systems for the various manufacturing sectors. The CERN machine had been soon followed by another successful installation at the NASA – Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville (Al).  Further highly reputate international customers have  selected Firbimatic for their cleaning solution in the course of these last years.

The great strength of the company is the execution of special installations and custom, both solvent and aqueous as well as the production of a standard range, suited to the needs of different sectors of mechanical engineering, medical, military and aerospace .

The wide range of our systems, in full compliance with international standards on the protection of operators successfully operates in the treatment of surfaces (metal or not) even particularly complex geometries, with blind holes or cavities of difficult access, until the microstructure of components in the sintered material.