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Industrial metal cleaning systems and the medical sector: the advantages of the LOGICA BLUE solution

— 23 / 04 / 2020

In addition to the automotive and space sectors, another sector where the use of modern industrial washing systems for metals is constantly growing is the medical one.

To protect the health of people who undergo surgery every day or attend hospital environments, a process has been set up to validate the quality of the final cleaning level obtained, a greater greater technical development of washing systems.

The evaluation of the results obtained in terms of cleaning on metal components and medical devices are aimed at:

  1. Continuously monitoring the effectiveness of washing cycles;
  2. Obtaining a measurement of the residues of contaminants, detergents / solvents and other residual particles at the end of each cycle.

Following this direction and remaining faithful to the provisions of the legislation, every time we design a metal washing system for the medical sector our goal is to find a solution that allows you to wash instruments and medical devices by reducing the risk of cross contamination.

The preparation process for the design of washing systems for components and medical devices

Before defining the characteristics of the systems and of the washing cycle, it is necessary to carefully analyze the following aspects:

  • the final cleaning level;
  • the costs associated with the washing cycle and the solvent or detergent used
  • the quantity of residues at the end of each washing cycle of metals and special components;
  • the type of detergent to be used, its level of toxicity, compatibility and safety.

In the landscape of machines for cleaning metal components in the medical sector there are different washing techniques, different procedures for validating the cleaning results achieved.

In these years FIRBIMATIC, thanks to its Research and Development department, has invested in water and detergent technology: the result of all our efforts is the Masterwash line that allows customizable washing programs, it does not require the use of solvents and promotes a drastic reduction in consumption.

Why not rely solely on the manual cleaning method of medical devices and metal components

When is not possible to invest in an industrial metal washing system or the quantities of components to be treated are reduced, many companies decide to adopt the manual washing.

Where circumstances make it possible, we deem it appropriate to insert manual washing of metal components within a washing cycle that involves treating medical devices with water-based detergents, using ultrasound or pressure washing.

It is not recommended to rely exclusively on manual washing because there is no way to carry out any type of monitoring, it is difficult to quantify the quantity of contaminant residues at the end of the cycle and reduce the probability of cross-contamination.

A lot of manpower and resources are needed with costs increase.

Metal cleaning systems: disinfection of medical devices

For the washing of metal components and devices intended for the medical sector FIRBIMATIC has designed and built an industrial washing system that uses water technology and allows to guarantee the level of cleanliness expected by the end user.

Logica Bue is an industrial washing system for metals . Provided with front loading door,with automatic vertical opening, parts are rotated or rocked in the baskets on their horizontal axis and residues and contaminants are removed from complex small parts by exploiting:

  • biodegradable detergents;
  • the possibility of introducing the liquid under the immersion level of the basket;
  • a sprinkling cycle with rotating pumps.

How the washing cycle takes place

An important feature of Logica Blue s is the wide possibility of customization and the presence of different tanks (from 1 to 5) which allow to perform different washing cycles.

The phases that characterize the washing cycle of this machine are: surface cleaning, drying and unloading.

During the washing phase, the components to be treated are positioned in the basket: the first pump sends a liquid composed of water and detergent into the washing chamber through a cartridge filter which, at the end of the cleaning, retains impurities and solid residues.

Demineralised water is sent from the tank to the washing chamber via the second pump: at the end of this phase the same liquid is sent back to the tank without the solid waste that is retained by the filter.

The drying phase is therefore reached by means of a fan that draws in the hot and humid air found in the washing chamber: we are in the presence of a closed circuit able to guarantee complete drying of the parts.

The final stage is that of unloading when the loading door is opened: thanks to the activation of a fan that sucks the air from the chamber and discharges it into the chimney, it is possible to prevent the vapors from interfering during unloading operations.

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