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The advantages of closed circuit solvent degreasing system in the oil industry

— 21 / 12 / 2020

The petrochemical industries as well as those that deal with the extraction of oil or gas face a long series of problems every day to keep their equipment cleaned.

If their equipment is not well-maintained, oil drilling and exploration will not be efficient and the end result, in most cases, is a loss in terms of profits.

The search for companies specialized in the design and construction of industrial systems for washing metal components started when the standard cleaning methods proved to be ineffective.

A valid solution is represented by that cleaning method based on closed circuit solvent vapor washing of metal components

How the metal parts cleaning is carried out in the oil or fracking sector

What is linked to the inefficiency of metal cleaning in the petrochemical sector?

Many companies usually clean the metal parts every day by using solvents, chemicals and easily flammable substances.

In all those circumstances in which the restrictive directives on the use of solvents are not fully respected, the risk of accidents in the workplace may increase.

Alternative methodologies will allow you to :

  1. Guarantee all workers and operators maximum safety in the workplace;
  2. Adopt cost reduction strategies and energy savings;
  3. Select systems for washing metals with a low environmental impact;
  4. Make the maintenance processes of machines and equipment easier and faster.

An industrial degreasing machine that uses vapour during the degreasing phase is particularly effective in cleaning parts for oil extraction and fracking.

Vapor Degreasing Is Often the Best Choice For Precision Cleaning!

As mentioned above the vapour process for degreasing the metal components used for drilling and oil exploration activities guarantees the achievement of the four goals mentioned above.

Equipment for drilling activities:

  • the cleaning of the drill cannot be neglected if you want to avoid problems related to obstructions that prevent the passage of fluids.
    Since the entire drilling equipment is coated in rubber, it is necessary to keep all surfaces perfectly clean to ensure that the rubber adheres perfectly to the metal of the pipes.

Regarding the cleaning of equipment for oil exploration activities:

  • the extreme conditions linked to the high temperatures of the subsoil with which the equipment comes into contact during exploration activities make welding with a high lead content necessary: the residues of this activity are particularly difficult to clean.
    The use of vapour during the degreasing phases allows you to completely remove residues and contaminants quickly and effectively.

What Are Your Options of machine choice for Closed circuit Solvent Cleaning at Firbimatic

Replacing your older generation degreaser with a new Firbimatic totally enclosed vacuum system with ultra-low emissions.

Our machines isolate the operator from the cleaning process that is performed in a vacuum sealed chamber.

Numerous advantages for our systems include:

  • Very little solvent consumption;
  • No water required;
  • Process flexibility for cleaning such as ultrasonics, rotation, spraying, etc.;
  • Low energy consumption;
  • Wash / Rinse / Dry in a common tank = less floor space;
  • These units use a new solvent that cleans both polar and non-polar soils in a common tank;
  • Continuous solvent distillation to remove soils using on-board still. This feature provides clean solvent and consolidates waste stream.

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