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FIRBIMATIC and SAFECHEM: how we solve together the safety problem of a solvent degreasing system

— 10 / 07 / 2020

What are manufacturing companies looking for today?

  • cost efficiency;
  • a balance between economic and environmental sustainability.

In particular, in the production sector, the washing of metal components represents a crucial phase in achieving both conditions.

Industrial solvent cleaning machines represent the best choice for productive organisations with the key objective to achieve the highest cleaning results.

However, the use of solvent for cleaning metal paNs requires a series of specific precautions in order to eliminate, where possible, any risk associated with exposure.

Solvent washing systems and the Safety factor

The manufacturing companies that have chosen to use solvent washing systems to clean their metal components face the following aspects:

  • the daily exposure of its workers to possible risks related to the use of solvents and other chemicals;
  • the emission of volatile organic compounds (VOC) into the atmoshere;
  • any contamination of the water and the surrounding soil.


SAFE-TAINER SYSTEM™ is our proposal to ensure maximum safety in solvent washing systems

SAFE-TAINER SYSTEM™ is part of an active risk measurement system designed and developed on the basis of specific responsible guidelines that allow the company to demonstrate its social responsibility.

This system was not developed exclusively for larger production companies.

All companies, even those where the washing of metal components is not included in the list of crucial factors, are required to carefully manage the risk factor and the quality issues associated with their solvent washing system.

From the delivery to the storage of the solvent, through the filling and emptying of the tanks up to the recycling phase of the solvent cleaned of contaminants and residues, the key word is only one: ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION.

Structure and functioning of the SAFE-TAINER SYSTEM™

Through the SAFE-TAINER SYSTEM™ system proposed by our company together with SAFECHEM, the solvent is conveyed to the washing system through an airtight circuit: this is in turn connected to two containers, one for the fresh solvent and one for the “used“one.

Both containers are delivered with a drum inside:

  1. the container with the fresh solvent is connected to the washing system through a pump that brings the solvent into the machine;
  2. the container with the used solvent is connected to the machine through a special adapter equipped with a valve that allows to avoid the escape of toxic vapors. This tank is also equipped with a device that signals when it’s time to empty it.

This system ensures safety not only in the filling and washing phase, but also in the emptying phase thus promoting the recycling of the solvent outside the system (as shown in the figure below).

Together with hermetically sealed solvent washing systems, the SAFE-TAINER SYSTEM™ deviceis today considered the best environmental risk protection solution available on the market.

SAFE-TAINER SYSTEM™: a completely sustainable solution for metal parts cleaning

Safe and sustainable cleaning with the safe-tainer system.

The fact of having a Firbimatic washing system where the storage, transport andhandling of the solvent takes place in a completely closed system the risk of toxicemissions is fully avoided and health protecting of workers is assured thus bringingthe company closer to the Circular Economy concept.

The SAFE-TAINER SYSTEM™ system is only part of the offer of sustainable wash systems whichalso Includes:

  1. modified alcohol and high-quality super-stabilized chlorinated solvents for finalcleaning of high-precision component surfaces;
  2. chemical analysis tools designed specifically to support the user in the continuousand constant process of optimizing the solvent washing system;
  3. shared sector knowledge and know-how;
  4. a complete assistance service.

Currently more than 5000 companies in the world use the entrusted solutions from SAFECHEM.


JUST FEEL FREE TO CONTACT US NOW to receive more details on our hermeticcircuit solvent washing systems that can ensure major advantages for the operator.

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