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FIRBIMATIC proposes the hermetically sealed solvent systems to safely use perchlorethylene

— 03 / 12 / 2018

Perchlorethylene is a chlorinated chemical compound that has various applications in the machine for metal component washing; used as a solvent it guarantees a high quality final result on different components and, compared to others, it is very economical.

Colorless, volatile, with a sharp, sweet odor. The vapor is heavier than air if inhaled or handled without due precautions it can be dangerous!
Over the past 4 years perchloroethylen has been the focus of numerous debates due to its danger, as being a volatile organic solvent, it may pose serious health hazards if exposure is not properly controlled.

Firbimatic in connection with SAFECHEM, a company providing sustainable solutions based on Dow branded chlorinated solvents has found a way to use perchlorethylene safely in industrial settings and also for dry-cleaning fabrics and degreasing metal systems.

The advantages of perchlorethylene

Today, perchloroethylene is the most widely used solvent in the world, mainly because of its three main features::

  • high density and high degreasing power
  • low boiling point
  • not inflammable

Specifically, super-stabilized virgin perchlorethylene has a high degreasing power which helps to remove fats and all oxidized contaminants that are more difficult to remove.

The steam that condenses on the surface of the treated metal components, ensures efficiency in each washing cycle and a rapid and complete drying.

Perchlorethylene used under vacuum also has a low boiling point, very far from critical temperatures and therefore inside hermetic washing systems it has an absolute duration and stability because it does not reach the temperature of decomposition and acidity production.

Perchlorethylene: how to “handle it with care”

“Handle with care”: this is the key to the success of the collaboration between our company and SAFECHEM.

The danger associated with the use of perchlorethylene as a solvent can be contained when the right washing system, the right technology, the right accessories and the right process for risk management are used.

In this collaboration Firbimatic is configured as a privileged OEM partner, providing safe use technology for the recovery of perchlorethylene, SAFECHEM instead made available to the project the right solution for the management of the residues that are obtained at the end of each washing cycle.


The REACH regulation: risk management in the use of perchlorethylene


REACH is the European regulation concerning the registration, evaluation, authorization and restriction of chemicals.

The aim of this regulation is to disseminate and promote knowledge of the risks and dangers associated with the use of certain chemicals, both new and existing, while maintaining and strengthening the competitiveness of the European chemical industry.

Based on this legislation, the proposal developed is a machine for washing metal components that uses a closed circuit system.

All phases of the cleaning cycle (washing, drying and deodorization) take place completely under vacuum in order to guarantee the operators who use the machine maximum safety and the total absence of harmful emissions.

The efficient hermetically sealed solvent system allows the storage, transport, loading and unloading of perchlorethylene without running the risk of toxic emissions: the non-dispersion strategy of solvent is essential to reduce the costs associated with washing.

The solvent used is then recycled and cleaned of all dirt residues collected during the washing phase.

The versatility of perchlorethylene, makes it compatible with most metals, in particular those most susceptible to oxidation (aluminum, stainless steel, magnesium, zinc and some alloys such as brass),

The advantages with the use of an hermetically sealed solvent system associated to the risk management system allow us to guarantee the highest cleaning results at the lowest possible running costs.

Firbimatic and SAFECHEM: here are all the advantages of perchlorethylene in a video

As it is not easy to simply translate these concepts to everyone, we have decided to make a video.
Our goal is to highlight all the advantages associated with the choice of a closed circuit solvent washing system and to pass on the message that, if used in the right way, perchlorethylene is absolutely not harmful.

We believe that in the future this solvent will play a role of protagonist and not that of a simple appearance.

Good vision!

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