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Hermetically sealed solvent-based systems: how to reduce times, costs and emissions in the cleaning phases of industrial metal components

— 24 / 09 / 2018

In industrial work environments, metal parts are undoubtedly the elements that most often have to be degreased due to the accumulation of oil and grease which are difficult to remove and for this reason they require excellent cleaning results.

The best solution in these circumstances is the use of solvent-based cleaning machines able to  remove even the most difficult dirt  through an accurate cleaning.

An effective and efficient precision cleaning

In many cases, metal components are difficult to clean manually because of their particular shape, therefore the use of metal degreasing systems with solvent represents the ideal solution in terms of time and money saving.

The solvent, together with the heat and pressure, act uniformly over the entire surface of the component, including the most difficult to reach corners where the dirt accumulates to a greater extent.

The risk of solvent emissions

The main risk related to the use of a solvent cleaning system is the emission of substances that could be harmful to the environment and to people.

A solution to this problem is represented by the hermetically-sealed solvent degreasing technology where the  washing is performed under vacuum thus preventing the emission of dangerous vapors.

Firbimatic Metal Cleaning Division hermetically sealed systems

The continuous and constant monitoring of the market and the investments in the Research and Development have enabled Firbimatic to develop machines for the cleaning of industrial components with an hermetic cycle able to meet the highest cleaning needs of the customers in total safety, regardless of the size and shape of the component.

The hermetically sealed  cycle  systems developed by our company use aliphatic hydrocarbons, modified alcohols and chlorinated solvents that comply with the international emission  standards.

The excessive dispersion of solvent during the washing cycle results in greater costs therefore it is very important that the degreasing system  is able to “clean” the solvent from the grease and from the contaminants .

In the long run the cost reduction achieved becomes truly remarkable.

Finally, another important aspect that must be considered when choosing a machine for cleaning industrial parts  is the time: the system must ensure fast cleaning cycles that do not compromise the integrity of the treated parts.


Hermetically sealed solvent degreasing systems for exceptional performance under vacuum : the phases

Contaminants of inorganic origin and solid dirt particles such as powders or others are successfully removed from metal components during treatment which may involve a sequence of pre-wash, main cleaning, vapour and drying phases.

Based on the type of solvent or the process selected all, or just some of the cleaning phases listed below, are performed under vacuum:


This initial phase is performed once the metal components have been placed in the basket. The pre-wash phase lasts a few minutes and is performed with solvent sprayed at high pressure directly onto the parts  at a controlled temperature. Upon completition of the pre-wash the solvent is then directed to the system’s integral distillation unit.


This  phase involves the partial or total immersion of the components inside a solvent at a regulated temperature: in the event that  the parts have solid contaminants difficult to remove the addition of ultrasonic energy is needed  whose frequency and intensity are adjusted according to the application.


In the final stage of the cleaning cycle and, in preparation for the subsequent drying phase, solvent vapour is directed into the process chamber.
The vapour condenses on component parts leaving them totally contamination free and simultaneously heating both components and chamber in readiness for the final vacuum drying phase.


The final drying phase always takes place in “closed circuit” mode and has a duration that depends on the type of the system: the solvent used is almost completely recovered.

For big systems utilising chlorinated solvents during the drying phase, the air stream is directed over activated base carbon  filters which decrease the concentration of VOC levels at the moment when the door is opened and the cycle is finished.

Firbimatic range: Evolution, Multisolvent and SFK models

The Evolution, Multisolvent and SFK series are the proposals that Firbimatic makes available to those industrial companies that are looking for a vacuum treatment for washing their metal components.

The vacuum process assures:

  • Maximum efficiency and reduced consumption;
  • Minimum environmental impact since the emissions are lower than the VOC limits established by the legislation;
  • A 99.9% solvent saving;
  • Total removal of any type of contaminant;
  • High cleaning standards

The systems of the Evolution, Multisolvent and SFK series are also equipped with a single structure where the basket is positioned and can be adapted on the basis of the volumes and weights of the metal components (specifically on request up to 1500x5000xh1500 mm).

The hermetically sealed solvent degreasing systems have enabled Firbimatic to achieve maximum levels of cleaning and drying even in the automotive, medical, biomedical, aeronautical and high precision micromachining sectors, offering solutions that meet the cleaning standards defined by ISO 16232 in the Automotive sector.

Our vacuum treatment represents the best choice on the market as it ensures:

  • no residual solvent even on geometrically challenging parts with internal complexity;
  • time reduction of each cycle;
  • air quality improvement for better environment and health

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