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SFK Evolution 50, that’s how Firbimatic has confirmed its supremacy in the American Aeronautical market for industrial metal cleaning systems

— 19 / 03 / 2020

A new modified alcohl degreasing system for precision metal components has been expressly designed for the American company UTC / Collins Aerospace of Rockford (IL) which for the fourth time has chosen our company.

This new project consecrates Firbimatic and is a practical demonstration of the role that our company plays in the industrial metal cleaning systems sector in the United States.

Let’s discover SFK Evolution 50 together by analyzing its features and benefits!

Modified solvent cleaning machines, here’s what you need to know about SFK Evolution 50

The metal cleaning machine that Firbimatic has manufactured for UTC / Collins is the perfect synthesis of the characteristics and strengths of the SFK and Evolution range.

Both product lines are intended for the precision cleaning of geometrically challenging metal components where the aim is to achieve the highest cleaning results by performing the sequence of spray, immersion and vapour stages under vacuum without any exteral contamination.

In addition to class AIII hydrocarbon solvents, this industrial metal cleaning machine uses modified alcohol of the glycol ether type and thanks to the hermetic washing cycle it guarantees high cleaning results even when the size of the treated pieces is particularly complex.

It is significant to point out that what has most impressed Joe McChesney, Global Products Line Manager of solvents,, is the maximum safety and ease of access to the washing chamber where the modified alcohol solvent is pumped to carry out the cleaning and sampling operations necessary for monitoring and the quality of the liquid inserted into the system.

The phases of the washing cycle

The washing of the metal components in the SFK Evolution system is preceded by a prior degassing phase of the solvent used in order to completely eliminate the air bubbles and ensure a homogeneous immersion for all the pieces.

Once this phase is over, the next step is represented by the distillation phase during which solvent and oily residues are separated.

The distillation is alternated with the Boil Down phase which allows to obtain waste sludge with a negligible percentage of solvent residues at the end of the working day.

During this whole process, the operator never comes into contact with the solvent. Loading and unloading, as well as the drainage of solvent residues and maintenance of the filters, take place automatically thus avoiding dangerous emissions.

Washing by spraying and washing by immersion

Depending on the level of contamination of the metal components, the SFK Evolution 50 machine allows you to perform two different phases of washing: the spraying and immersion phases which are performed each time in a different selection.

The sequence of washing phases depends on the geometry of the metal components and on their degree of contamination.
During the immersion phase, the machine uses solvent heated by the working tank through under-level jets, by recirculation with the optional aid of ultrasounic energy.

Drying of metal components

Here we come to the last two stages of the cleaning cycle: rinsing and drying phases.

During the rinsing phase the vapour condenses on the component parts leaving them totally contamination -free and simultaneously heating both components and chamber in readiness for the final vacuum drying phase..

In the final drying phase the evaporation of the vapors occurs in an environment where the vacuum is brought to a value lower than 1 mbar.

Always Mr. Joe McChesney, defines the SFK Evolution 50 as an excellent example of engineering and assembly.

More especially so for the maintenance staff access which is important to equipment operation and longevity which are guaranteed with FIRBIMATIC metal cleaninc systems!

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