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Introduction to Metal Cleaning

— 20 / 06 / 2022

Metal cleaning is a process in which soil is cleaned from a metal surface by either a hot or cold cleaning method, closed circuit vapor degreasing or conveyorized degreasing. Industrial products should be free from all sorts of impurities. Machining the metal requires various lubricants to be applied to the tooling equipment; hence, various chemicals are used to purify the metal parts after the mechanical process necessary to their manufacturing.

Metal cleaning is also important after rebuilding or refurbishing entire pieces of machinery or various parts of them. Almost all industries have a robust preventative maintenance program designed to keep their equipment functioning for a longer period. Due to these extensive programs, many machines can last for decades.

Why do you need Metal Cleaning?

All types of metal need to be cleaned to remove dust, grime, and often tarnish or oxidation. Metal surfaces are soft and porous, so they are more easily damaged than imagined. They should not be excessively cleaned; less is more when it comes to metal cleaning. Also, metal objects are constructed in components that are usually screwed/bolted together, and so in order to clean, it is convenient to remove the whole parts.

Metal Cleaning at Firbimatic


This technology is capable of cleaning and drying treatment under the cycle of a high vacuum level. The machines are of two types, systems with hydrocarbon solvent and systems with chlorinated solvent. Both are designed to provide the best quality cleaning through hermetic vacuum operation. It ensures the best cleaning results on difficult surfaces inside the cavity and blind holes. The degassing of the solvent is performed for safety reasons during the full immersion phase.

The cycle sequence is as follows.

  • Spray pre-wash
  • Main with full or half immersion
  • Rinsing
  • Solvent vapor phase
  • Drying



Firbimatic has created MASTERWASH, which is a line of highly efficient and robust machines suitable for harsh industrial environments.

It is used by aerospace, automotive, medical, and precision components companies. The main features of the Aqueous System are:

  • Completely customizable in structure and washing program
  • Complies with CE regulations for protection during use



Firbimatic has a wide range of industrial customized vacuum cleaning systems for degreasing the surface of big components. The range includes piping production, hollow bars, metal profiles, sophisticated mechanical components, aerospace parts, oil and gas components, medical tubes, power industry, and defense big components.

These can be made with different metals such as:

  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminum Copper
  • Nickel
  • Brass
  • Titanium


Metal Cleaning Technology at Firbimatic

1. Cleaning Technology with Hermetically Sealed Solvent

The close circuit industrial cleaning process uses alcohol, hydrocarbon, or chlorinated solvent. It is the ideal technology to achieve the best possible treatment quality with minimal cost and consistent results. Firbimatic metal cleaning system is available in special versions of aliphatic hydrocarbon, modified alcohol, and chlorinated solvents parts. Solid dirt, dust, and inorganic salts are removed effectively by mechanical wash action, basket movement, and a suitable filtering system.

Benefits of Metal Cleaning:

  • Increased material durability
  • Creates strong electrical conductivity
  • Reduced corrosion chemical and electrical resistance
  • Enhances brightness, color, and reflectivity

2. Metal Cleaning with an Aqueous System

Various detergents are available in the market that can emulsify in water. Some polluting materials can even give results close to solvents. However, in some cases, increasing the quality of the wash is important, which is increased by mechanical action combining the hydro-dynamic effects of high-pressure nozzles. Firbimatic has the Masterwash range of machines according to specifications used in different layouts. Ultrasonic and vacuum systems are also available to complete the line and ensure drying and best washing results.




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