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Industrial parts washing machine

— 23 / 11 / 2022

The growing demands for cleaning mechanical components require the use of industrial cleaning systems characterized by cutting-edge, flexible technological solutions and with increasing attention to energy saving.

Firbimatic responds to the needs of the customers with two technological solutions:

  1. solvent washing under vacuum;
  2. water or detergent washing.

Washing with modified alcohol and hydrocarbons and with chlorinated solvents

All FIRBIMATIC solvent-based cleaning machines comply with Industry 4.0 requirements and prove to be extremely performing when the cleaning standards of companies operating in the precision mechanics sector and in the production of special high-tech components must be met.

Our solvent systems for metal components are designed for the use of two types of solvents, those with modified alcohol and class A III hydrocarbons (Evolution Range, Multisolvent Range, SFK-EK Range) and chlorinated ones (Logica – SF – E).

In both cases, the washing of the metal parts takes place inside hermetic chambers, therefore under vacuum, to guarantee impeccable results even when the components have complex geometries.

An overview of the phases of the washing cycle

The beginning of the cleaning cycle of the metal components with solvent is preceded by a degassing phase which allows the elimination of any air bubbles in the liquid for a completely safe process.

They follow are the cleaning phases:

  • the high pressure pre-wash phase;
  • the washing phase with total or partial immersion of the parts;
  • the rinsing phase with distilled liquid;
  • the vapour phase;
  • the final stage of drying with modified alcohol.

A SUSTAINABLE parts washing technology

Through the distillation of the solvent used for washing the metal parts it is possible to reduce the environmental impact of the entire process.

In fact, the right washing program in addition to a correct and constant maintenance of the system allow for a substantial reduction in consumption.

The distillation of the solvent allows to separate solvent and oil, guaranteeing a minimum percentage of solvent among the final residues of the process.

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Washing with water and detergent: the Masterwash range

Our spearhead in the line of water and detergent systems is the Masterwash range, a production of totally customizable machines that meet the high cleaning standards required by the major manufacturers in the automotive, aeronautics, shipbuilding, defense, in the medical and many high-tech companies.

Masterwash washing systems, through the adoption of washing procedures designed for each application, satisfy the qualitative cleaning requirements of each type of component.

Our system controls every single aspect of the process chain:

  • choice of detergent
  • wash cycle
  • choice of system

Washing industrial components: the advantages of technology and innovation

Innovative technologies, continuous technological development, customer assistance and a global presence are the main characteristics of the Firbimatic Masterwash range.

The rational and flexible conception of the washing systems, which use the best quality components, ensures full availability and reliability of the system even in the most demanding production situations.

The result of Firbimatic skills in over 50 years of presence as expert manufacturer of cleaning systems, the Masterwash range brings together the best qualities in the production of systems:

  • Wide range of uses
  • Customization for the more specific requests of specialized customers
  • Guarantee of limited dimensions which bring with it a reduction in washing costs
  • Finish level stability.

Firbimatic Spa has met many industrial cleaning tasks throughout the world including high integrity manufacture in aerospace, medical and general precision engineering.

Our technical consultancy services are designed to provide you with professional advice on a whole range of industrial metal cleaning issues. These include long term performance, managing environmental procedures including atmospheric emissions and waste disposal.

We will also advise on matters such as optimising wash programmes, component handling, solvent management and sustainability.

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